How do I introduce my pet to a raw diet?

We recommend starting with a simple protein. We prefer our Chicken mix because it is easily digestable. Should your dog have a chicken allergy, we’d then recommend our Butcher Blend. Continue feeding the same protein for a week or two to acclimate your dog's digestive system to the Raw food. You can then introduce other proteins.

Can a puppy start eating raw dog food?

The Raw Butcher is a great way to create and maintain a balanced diet for your puppy. Puppies transition to raw easily and all bones are ground up, making them easily digestible. We recommend starting your dog off with feeding 2% of his/her adult body weight (example 100 lb dog would eat 2 lb of food a day)

Can my pet get sick from eating raw?

Dogs are direct descendants of wolves, who we know to be prey animals and carnivorous hunters. All products from The Raw Butcher are made with locally sourced, quality ingredients, made in human grade kitchens to ensure the highest integrity for your pets. “I feel great about feeding raw, I've been doing it for years with my own pets. I recommend a 100% complete and balanced diet with minimal processing. It just makes sense” --Dr. Jacob Cohen BVMS --

How much food should my dog eat?

We recommend feeding 2% of your dog's adult body weight, depending on your dog's lifestyle and daily activities as necessary, depending on weight gain or loss.

Are bones bad for my dog?

Raw bones are soft, making them safe and easy to digest. Cooked or dehydrated bones are hard and could splinter when eaten. The Raw Butcher’s diet consists of raw bones ground up into small pieces, so there’s no need to worry!