100% Complete and Balanced

Why Feed a Raw Diet

Healthier Skin, Coat, and Gums

Boost Immune System

Save on Vet Bills in the Long Run

Improve Energy

Smaller Stools

Weight Maintenance

100% Complete and Balanced

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Freeze Dried Treats

We offer our Freeze Dried treats for a great healthy snack for dogs. The treats are all natural no fillers or additives. They are single ingredient made with USDA inspected meats. The slow freeze drying process locks in the taste and nutrients. Quite simply, these treats are what they say they are, nothing more, nothing less. We use this process because baking treats or dehydrating with heat causes the flavors to disappear along with the moisture and nutrients. All our treats are organ based giving dogs nutrients they never had before.

100% Complete and balanced food diet

Our Raw dog food blends consists of 80% Protein, 10% Bone, and 10% Organ. Our products are all locally sourced human grade USDA inspected meats with no fillers, preservatives, dyes, or glutens. They are a single ingredient.