"Like you, our pet is our family, that’s why we created The Raw Butcher. We are both Chicago born and raised, trying to make raw feeding convenient and hoping to spread knowledge on the unbelievable health benefits.

We got our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Kingston 8 years ago. We had an interest in Raw Feeding the moment we got him and immediately started doing research, we wanted a happy healthy dog. At 10 weeks we starting buying pet store pre packaged Raw mixes and saw how quickly it was adding up. We started doing even more research and realized we could piece it together on our own, but found out getting the correct balance and ratio was not as easy as we thought. Once we gained more experience we wanted the process to be easy and convenient for other people interested in Raw Feeding. Our goal is to allow consumers to see the unbelievable benefits that raw food has on their pets. Our 4oz pucks make it easy to portion and feed your pet. We take pride in our food processing being done in a human grade kitchen with USDA inspected meats with no additives or preservatives."

— Andy, Megan, and Kingston 🐾